A slang term for "heroic criminal". Also used to imply someone is good at selling. Based off of folklore in Western Washington.
Jax: Aren't you worried about getting jacked?
Stephen: Naw, this guy is a total Dingo.

Jax: That's a lot, what are you gonna do with it all?
Stephen: I'm gonna Dingo the sh** out of it and make some monay!
by Jax&Steph February 04, 2010
An Orange haired four legged person, usually bisexual, with a pink nose. The most annoying Dingo is Wario. They appear as innocent people in movies like "Honey I blew up the kid" and "Pokemon-The rise of Darkrai".
Wow, that dingo just got stomped by a giant baby.
by glaires April 04, 2010
the coolest animal EVER!!!!
G'day mate, wanna buy a dingo??
by emily laura May 08, 2005
A sexual way of using a donut.
"Dude, did you get any last night?".

"Yeah, but first we bought some donuts so we could do the dingo".
by SuicidalMuffin January 13, 2010
some one who is generally considered a pikey, you known the dirty smelly kids , that are always stealing things.
guy1: unlucky mate, i heard about your car.
guy2: yeh i know some fucking dingos stole my new wheels.
by Ledgmeistergeneral January 26, 2009
Slang term for dirty bald half mexican half native American Person. Possibly wearing glasses
Hey look My next door neighbor looks to be a dingos
by jake wille July 12, 2006
What happens when a guy, too much alcohol and a fugly girl mix in the wrong way. This can lead to one of two things: first, the guy waking up the morning after, see who is sleeping on top of his arm and try to bite it off to escape - like a dingo will bite off his leg to escape a trap. Second, if you've drunk a bit too much - or you realise who you're trying to sleep with ..... well, dingo' hard, and dingo' in.
1. "How did your night go?" "Terrible, ended up with a right dingo"

2. "I'm sorry about the dingo, I've been under a lot of stress."
by Nykrus October 05, 2008

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