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A term used to describe something cool or awesome.
That was so dingo!

I had a dingo time last night!
by RMC1991 September 07, 2009
A sex hungry curvy Australian Babe, always reps east coast. Usually the term is applied to an Aussie in another country: USA, UK, etc.
Bro, this chick I'm dating is a complete Dingo.
by EastCoastAmerican March 08, 2010
A man who is reputed for performing oral sex on a pregnant woman.Aptly named in reference to wild dingoes eating young children.
Dave:So yesterday I went down on my wife.
Sam:Dude,isn't she pregnant?
Dave:Yeah there's just something about being that close to my unborn child...
Sam:Dude you're such a filthy dingo!
by Ozlacs August 17, 2010
A clingy, stalker-ish boy who is both socially awkward and outlandish in romantic situations. Dingos are known to give countless ultimatums, have problems with drug/alcohol and have issue with rejection.

Dingo applies strictly to men, where as a woman with the same characteristics is known as a Wombat.

Women who attract Dingos are often referred to by many names most notably D.J. ("Dingo Jockey" or "Dingo Junky").
F-ing Dingos!
by Gidgetsflow.com June 06, 2010
A slang term for "heroic criminal". Also used to imply someone is good at selling. Based off of folklore in Western Washington.
Jax: Aren't you worried about getting jacked?
Stephen: Naw, this guy is a total Dingo.

Jax: That's a lot, what are you gonna do with it all?
Stephen: I'm gonna Dingo the sh** out of it and make some monay!
by Jax&Steph February 04, 2010
a nickname given to a well-endowed male as it bares a resemblance to a dingo's..
hey dingo, hows it hangin'?;)
by Insomniac1234 December 10, 2008
used when expressing a correct answer, or affirmation of something that someone said.
used when trying to slyly tell your friend about an attractive member of the opposite sex.
"what's the capital of north carolina?" "washington d.c.?!" "DINGO!"

...hot guy walks by...you look at your friend..."dingo."
by ellielace July 22, 2011