A Town in Pennsylavania that is really gay and has many communities. People here loves Sex, Drugs, Rock and Roll, Rap and Hip Hop. Weed is the #1 Sold Drug here
guy: Yo, I heard dingmans ferry be havin sum good ass weed.

Guy 2: Yeah but i heard the dealers be drawlin.
by TH@ R3@L $M0K3Y July 28, 2008
Top Definition
Dingmans Ferry (Pn) - A rural area in Pike County located in Northeast Pennsylvania. It is split up into many communities such as Birchwood Lakes, Gold Key Estates, Wild Acres and Conashaugh. It's a hotspot for weekendationers. It has three schools and is known as the ghetto of NE PA and includes a shit ton of thirteen year old badasses who smoke weed and snort fake cocaine. It's full of future ex-cons and honestly, who the fuck would want to move here?
Chris: "Holy shit dude I just saw a 13 year old hitting a pipe!"
Jon: "That's Dingmans Ferry for ya'"
by ThirteenYearOldBadass January 02, 2011
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