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Someone who dials the wrong area code and insists that they have the right number.
He is a dingle fuck.
by Kpb April 24, 2005
Sexual debris and/or aftermath of a sexual encounter.
"Man, there's so much dingle-fuck dried up on my inner thigh."
"Could be worse, at least you don't have any cinnafloss"
by The Clam Burglar January 17, 2012
When someone's stupidity or actions surpass all logic, and/or blatant prejudice is revealed they are now a dinglefuck. Most often used to describe refs in NFL football but also can be used to describe any person lacking common sense.superdouche idiotjerk
That dinglefuck ref just screwd us out of a down on that last call! Dumbass bonehead
by Superwitty July 04, 2016
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