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Similar to the tooth fairy, the Dingle Fairy visits people of all ages who leave a dingle berry under their pillow, exchanging small change for the turd.

Some believe that the Dingle Fairy may be the supernatural force behind the creation of dingle berries in the first place, and is merely reclaiming them through this process.
Jimmy saved his dingle berry in his pocket all the day long so he could put it under his pillow and receive a visit from the Dingle Fairy that night.

"Honey, why does our bed smell so bad? Are you hoping for a visit from the Dingle Fairy?"
by Professor Poo January 03, 2008
A species of fairies that are known for hanging off of or being near buttocks. Known for their high pitched voices and eating feces. Can be used as an adjective for people as well.
I was playing counter strike yesterday and there was some dingle-fairy in the lobby.
by Ace of Losers June 17, 2015
Airbourne poo particles, once attached to ones anal pubes, resulting from an over hauling blow.
dude check out this glorious dingle berr...(*FART*)...i mean dingle fairy. Oh and by the way he landed on your leg.
by Twinkle Choad January 18, 2012
When a gay man hooks up with a girl and leaves a shit stain on her from the leftover remnants on his dick.
Kiki: I think I hooked up with a gay guy last night.
Ang: Are you sure he was gay?
Kiki: Well, I have a dinglefairy on my foot.
by Mikaela, Mariel, and Andrea January 22, 2010
small, mythical winged creature that protrudes from the anal bush.
My brother's dinglefairy enjoys corn and fiber cereal.
by JWMarc October 19, 2007
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