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When dried up period blood is clumped together nicely on a females vagina.
"Alright, who used my toothbrush to clean off their dingle cherrys?"

David: "Dude did you see the Bloody Mary's vagina!?"
DJ: "Yeah she had mad dingle cherries!"
by Chief G May 13, 2008
The first time a man or woman have anal sex, they pop their dinglecherry.
Casey stuck it in David's pooper last night and popped his dinglecherry.
by Casey Big Balls July 10, 2008
Much like a Dingle Berry, a dingle cherry is composed of period clumps instead of shit.
I was chowing on some box and I hit something salty, I think it was a dingle cherry.
by Mike St. Louis February 15, 2008
Similar to a dingleberry, except it being dried period blood crusted on your ass hairs from wearing pads when sleeping, instead of dried shit.
Man: "Oh god, I forgot to wipe and I have dingleberries on my ass."

Woman: "Oh yeah? I've been wearing the same pad to bed everynight for my period. I have a dinglecherry all in my ass crack."

Man: "...Get fucked."
by Dblrainbow May 18, 2011
Rather the more well-known Dingle Berry which eludes toilet paper around the anus, the Dingle Cherry is light masses of dried vaginal juices stuck in pubic hair.
My buddy Nick and were having a smoke when he told me he tried to go down on Lola last night but was met by a wad of Dingle Cherries. He told her to leave.
by trailblazer1972 March 28, 2014
when u try to rub the cherry of a ciggarete on a ash tray to put it out and it dangles by a thread of tobacco
hurry up man put out that ciggarette

i cant i got a dinglecherry
by Kid_360 March 09, 2009
When a girl is on her period and on her pubes, she has clumps of blood.
I'm sorry for my dinglecherry... I'm on my period.
by Masta Gunzzz January 28, 2011
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