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When your pubic hairs are longer than your penis. It is a tragic problem to be stuck with!
I need to trim my DINGLE DICK!!
by The Most Dingled Dick June 21, 2011

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someone who is a bafoon or idiot
that dingle dick ruined my blender
by justin March 30, 2005
to call someone an idiot or insult their intelligence.
shutup dingle dick, you don't even know what your talking about!
by justin March 24, 2005
someone who has a small penis growing out of their testacles due to their original shrivle dick which lowers their self asteem and confidence to where they would just shoot themself and piss on their great grandpa's chest
wats up dingledick?

yo dingledick wats hattenin?
by 537dsvg345 July 09, 2009
shit on the end on your dick after you are done having anal.this stops cum from flowing which causes dick to explode.
ooo shit dam it i have dingle dick!
by travis and james October 24, 2006