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Ding, dings, and R2's are other slang terms for a roofie or "date rape" drug that people from nogales AZ would use for recreational use to get fucked up while drinking. Or even without alchohol involved like taking 8 or 10 of them cuz they cheap as fuck and most the time they free. But after a day with like 8 or 10 of them shits you wont remember shit for at least a week.
"Ding, dings, r2's". Man this homie SPEW'ed then took like 5 dings and got all violent and turned into a klepto man tryna jack anything and everything at any store he ain't give a fuck.

If you take like 5 dings your guaranteed not to remember shit for like a week and probably wake up in jail. Haha Have fun!
by lord of the dings September 25, 2009
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