Top Definition
Stunning,beautiful inside and outside,Sexy,Smart,fantastic person,funny,cooler,the best girl,best kissing,kind girl,and WONDERFUL CUTE!!!
she's love style,act,dance,and sing
she so friendly,she has a great personality,and she's so PERFECT!!!
"you're such a Dinda and i know why"
"dude!!!that girl is so Dinda,did you see her"
by thebeautifulsunshine October 11, 2011
an angle,an amazing and gorgeous girl ever,loves to joke
lucky boy who to be her boyfriend
we see a dinda on the sky
by givemetheangle October 12, 2011
Absolute perfection; beautiful, smart, and talented. If you are lucky enough to meet one in your life, don't let them go.
"What's her name?"
"Oh, she must be perfect."
by kanon March 25, 2013
A Dinda is when a person you are talking to says they'll "brb" but never do come back until 2+ hours later.
Aw that dick pulled a dinda, i've been waiting on him for an hour now.
by Pyromaniac44 October 02, 2012
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