Double Income, No Sex
Married couple where both have paying jobs, and without outside daycare, alternate working and watching the kids.
We were DINKs in our 20's; now we're DINs!
by wild jimbo February 01, 2008
Din or "Dick-Inches" is a scale that reffers to the size of ones penis. 1 Din is equal to 2 imperial inches. The way to measure a Din is to do a hand stand while having a maximum erection. That is why this scale is not used often as measuring can be quite difficult. Din can also reffer to the inverteness of ones penis. This is known is a Ginger Din.
Ryan has a Ginger Din of 5.
by tim is 30 dins strong September 17, 2010
n. Referring to a good friend or a peer
adj. Referring to something extaordinary or awsome
(n.) "Sup din?"
(adj.) "Dude! That's din!"
by Borthycleez July 19, 2010
A sweet ass rail made of aluminum or steel.
Dude, you shredded boku DIN today!

I'm gonna cut the DIN real good like!
by greyum March 07, 2008
Din" (Noun), "Din-ing" (Verb)

1.Din - A perosn with the ability to pose in absolutely every photo that gets taken.
- Verb

2. Din - The pose u strike just before a photo is "doing the DIN"

3. Din-ing - The act of posing in a photo
Din (Noun)

"OO look, there goes another one of them Din people, they are awesome"

Din (Verb)

"Hey, why does Jessica look so retared when getting her photo taken??" "O, don't mind her she is just doing the Din"

Din-ing (Verb)

"Hey, get your ass over here and do some din-ing for this photo that we'll later upload onto myspace"
by Paul87 October 06, 2007
1. A common name for a big black raper
2. A noise
1. I heard that Sue was raped by a Din!
2. My parents made such a Din in the bedroom last night that I couldn't sleep!
by Kaylatastic October 20, 2005
Deutsches Institut für Normung
(German Institute for Standardization)

DIN is a registered association, founded in 1917. Its head office is in Berlin. Since 1975 it has been recognized by the German government as the national standards body and represents German interests at international and European level.

DIN offers a forum in which representatives from the manufacturing industries, consumer organizations, commerce, the trades, service industries, science, technical inspectorates, government, in short anyone with an interest in standardization, may meet in order to discuss and define their specific standardization requirements and to record the results as German Standards.

1. I bought a pack of DIN-A4 papers today! But stupid Americans use their own random non-sense standards.

2. Inconsistent use of SI units and international standard paper sizes remain today a primary cause for U.S. businesses failing to meet the expectations of customers worldwide. Go for DIN!
by Einosuke Kanemoto May 07, 2006

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