Acronym: Double Income, No Sex. Referring to two married, working individuals who do not engage in sexual intercourse.
Person 1: Don't Sally and Gerry have kids?

Person 2: No, they both work in the city 80+ hours a week. They're the textbook example of DINS.
by Bungalow Bill February 22, 2002
"Dinner" abbreviated down to three letters.
"Hey man, wanna go get some din?"
by not_your_buddy_guy May 17, 2014
a short description for when people ask you how your day has been when your day was very good but left you tired.
Oh it was din thanks!
by tfcvbnm July 07, 2010
Quebecois for "dans les" which means 'in the'
Chu ne dins annees 60s dans un Quebec en plein changement
by KJF December 08, 2005
a nickname. for the most amazing guy in the world. someone who is a great person. and great friend. one born all the way across the world. but fortuanetly found his way to maine. his smile is striking. unforgettable. talented this din person shall be in the music industry, and also in writting. absoultley perfect in every way possible.
*this is my amazing flawless friend.

*oh so.. hes a din?
by kiss me already :( March 28, 2012
Din, a word to descirbe a crazy person, to be a din the following symptoms are;

-usually are hyper active
-can be very weird at times
-be completely random
-has crazy eyes
OMG!?! that girl is as crazy as a din

Hey did you see that din the other day? Yeah she was weirdly throwing her arms all over the place.

Yeah that person is a bit of a din
by chocolatecoatedbanana November 18, 2011
Pronounced (Dëëën), its the word you say when you are heavily intoxicated, and looking to getting more intoxicated. It can also be used as the substitute for any noun, verb, or adjective.
Lets go buy some more din.
by Trust Me im Din September 14, 2010

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