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One who instantly feels the need to 'turn the light' down and speak negatively when someone's name is positively and brightly mentioned
"Oh Wow I LOVE the way Sam paints his pictures"

DIMMER: "Yeah he's not bad but you know he got done for stealing paintbrushes 10 years ago????"
by Isaiah-Raymond November 01, 2011
1 0
A very fat man who touches himself in private places while listening to the Jonas Brothers.
My boss calls himself Dimmer
by Sephard June 22, 2010
5 1
to touch yourself in strange places while listening to the jonas brothers
"i gave my all for you, now my hearts in two"
im rubbing my pussy while listening to sos :D
im dimmer - ing.
by j-drake12 August 28, 2008
10 8
Rawk. None more so.
"Gee Judith, they sure are Dimmer. I think I will touch myself and listen to Greatful Dead."
by weaver October 14, 2003
1 8