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Guitar god recognized for his unique and innovative style of playing and guitar tone; gained fame throughout the '90s with metal band Pantera, then formed Damageplan with brother Vinnie Paul after Pantera disbanded; was shot and killed by a piece of shit known as Nathan Gale on December 8, 2004 while performing a show with Damageplan.
You're a fucking faggot if you don't like Dimebag Darrell.
by Chris Payne February 09, 2005
Awesome Guitarist of Pantera, and Damageplan, currently suffering from death, for which there is not yet a cure.
Dimebag Darrell was a legend.
by TimFS December 28, 2004
One of the greatest guitarists in the world. He played for Pantera. He died rather tragically by some fucking idiot on December 8, 2004, exactly 24 years after the death of John Lennon.
Even if you don't like Dime, you have to admit his death was senseless.
by I Hate Conformists April 30, 2005
youre god damn right, throw up those fuckin horns and bow down to the metal master
\mm/ too much metal for one hand \mm/
by \m/ brutalness \m/ February 10, 2005
awesome guitarist from pantera and damage plan
B-rAD is the douch for thinking Dimebag Darrell is crappy.
by D/A August 20, 2005
The best guitarist to ever walk the Earth.
Dimebag Darrell was the best guitarist to ever walk the Earth.
by Vinny Vandal August 27, 2005
Dimebag Darrell.... a god damn heavy metal guitar god. Played 9/10 of his career with Pantera, along with side acts that didnt get very much of a spotlight like DamagePlan. He was born on August 20, 1966 and died on December 8, 2004. He was murdered on stage with a newly formed band "DamagePlan"

Also before gaining mass fame, he was known as Diamond Darrell.
Did you hear "Dimebag Darrell" shred that "Floods" solo!? It was one of his best dude! And to see him live... God damn what a sight.
by Sr. David the VIII May 09, 2011
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