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verb; to Dima-fy

To make Crazy-Russian-like, derived from the crack-filled blog of Crazy Russian tennis player Dmitry Tursunov.

A normal person is usually Dima-fied by reading the blog of Dmitry Tursunov, known by most as 'Dima'. A Dima-fied person often shows obvious signs of Dima-ness, symptomized especially by an overuse of exclamation marks.

Example of Dima-ness:
"So I went to the supermarket and bought some water and some cherry juice! Why you ask?! Because I like cherry juice!!!"
"You seem very Dima-fied today!"

"Dima's blog will Dima-fy people."
by CherryJuice!!! August 31, 2006
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