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"Dilmah" is a euphemism for illegal products such as cocaine or marajuana,
Derived from "DIL-" as in "DILdo", and "MAH" as in MARajuana,
"Lipton" is a euphemism specifically for marajuana,
and "Earl Grey" is a euphemism for amphetamines.
Dodgy street person wearing a black hood 1: "Hey, I just imported a kilo of Dilmah from the States, you wanna snort some? It'll make you really high."
Dodgy street person doing the same 2: "Nah, only if it'll involve smoking some Lipton as well, maybe a bit of Earl Grey, right?"
by Bendix Jardine-Martel November 10, 2013
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Dilmah is teh gay but raper
Alexander Pillia
by The world! April 27, 2003

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