a faggot who enjoys sucking freshmen's dicks too much
hi im dillon i love sucking freshmen's dicks
by busbusdickbus October 15, 2010
Ignorant asshole who thinks he cool because he smokes ciggerates. Cheats on every girlfriend he has. Has a piece of shit car. Thinks he's cool also cause he listens to rap music when we all know hes just some ugly white trash douche who wants to get his dick sucked by anything with a pulse.
"I heard that guy dillon cheated on his girlfriend with 4 girls and 2 guys! all in the same weekend!"
"Haha he definatly has AIDS"
"Fooshow what a skeezer."
by christeen summers June 12, 2009
Is a knock off name from 90210 by using this name you thought everybody would love your boy. Hell no, everybody hates a Dillon. They are the lowest forms of life. They are the scum of scum. They are CREEPS
Don't Step In The Dillon
by yo no es tiene pitu June 26, 2010
A person who enjoys flipping $20,000 houses in Upstate New York, taking cheap vacations, gangsta rap and destroying bathrooms.
Who is that guy, he is so annoying...He's a "Dillon"
by Gangsta Toilet Rappin February 03, 2010
a raging homosexual who always accuses people of being inbred but in fact he is the one who is inbred. he also has a huge loose vagina because he is a dumpster slut. he also has a witch shaped nose and does a damn good joker impression while giving head to all guys he sees. hees like hey you got a penis yeah ill suck it.
guy 1: hey do you have a penis.

guy 2: yea i do Dillon Wood.

guy 1: woot woot i love sucking dick.
by jminch May 22, 2009
A word used to describe some one who is self-centered, anal-retentive, and thinks they know everything. This person would usualy be nice to someone one second, then turn around and talk shit behind your back. They may also choose to treat you like shit in front of other people to get self recognition. They take pride in lyng and deceiving and will never accompish anything in life.
"What a fuckin Dillon!"
by anonymous420334 October 05, 2008
1.That guy you see who has a perfect part and or bleached tips, popped collar or v-neck, cargo pants/shorts or anything from the buckle/amber/or American Eagle and some type of shoe that he thinks is awesome but you know its not. Usually wearing some type of lame choker necklace and/or chain link apparel.

2. Any guy that looks like he just got back from a Star Trek movie by himself.
tom: "oh my scope that dillon"

todd: "what a tool."
by todd_hamilton June 22, 2009

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