a guy who looks like an alien , and his head is shaped like a football (:

<3 you dillon .
looks at that guy he looks like an alien ,

well he must be a dillon !
by lovebug3214 June 29, 2011
A sadcunt who makes multiple urbandictionary accounts to overcompensate on his small dick.
Person: All the girls think its big man.

Friend: Well if you go and be a Dillon about it on the net then of course they will!
by Ezza901 August 13, 2011
A specific type of towel, used in predominantly Polish neighborhoods.
"I don't understand. I was told there would be a dillon here for me to wipe my face with, but instead, there is not a dillon. By dillon I mean towel."
by Carson Roblerts April 21, 2009
Dillon Tall lanky boy, has a billion freckles you could prolly connect the dots on his body...is pathetic and oblivious to life.
jeff: whos that tall lanky boy over there

scott: uhhh oh thats dillon


dillon : *looks, shrugs, and turns back around*
by liam davidson December 13, 2010
most amazing boy in the whole entire world. hannah's boo, since march 22,2008.
Hannah and Dillon are the cutest couple ever.

I want to be just like Dillon.
by HannahAmeliaFaul August 10, 2008
poor poor poor poor poor poor poor poor
dillon is poor as shit
by freshmenlover October 15, 2010
n.--one's own fart
Man, I woke up this morning and there was a dillon.
by rotorcraftgod February 04, 2010

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