A sneaky and annoying type of guy that is ugly and usually single.
Dillon finally got a girlfriend!
by Jeter la pisco November 14, 2014
Synonym to the word 'frustration'.
Girl 1: "Our math teacher got tired of our stupidity and gave us the Dillon face."
Girl 2: "Dang."
by butyoureugly June 15, 2014
A womanizing man slut that thinks he can play multiple girls at once. Hes amazing and makes you feel special. Wont apologize and will just ignore you. Wont say sorry for the lies or deceit and you'll miss him even if you DEFINITELY shouldnt.
"Did Dillon ever apologize for being with someone else?"
"No and it hurts so much but I miss him. DAMN THAT DILLON! "
by BatGirl69 March 26, 2014
Dillon is one who in a past life was a manticore. When first meeting him, he might seem like a quiet, shy even normal guy. DO NOT BE DECEIVED!! In reality hes just trying to get used to his life as a human who, sadly, cannot fly... Dillon is an incredible dancer with a smirk that will melt your eyeballs (in the best sort of way). He's such a gentleman, and knows how to make a lady laugh so muchly that she farts, or you know, snorts like a normal person.
Member of the #1 Diablo 2v2 team.
Nuff said, everyone else pretty much summarizes it.
Dillon's a beast at diablo. Nuff said
by slotz March 07, 2010
a dillon is a complete and utter asshole. He does not now how to comunicate properly, be sexual, and is a complete know-it-all. Girls stay away from this one!
"I tried talking to dillon"
"he didn't reply"
"i think he was to busy playing with himself"
"oh yeah thats gotta be it"
by Therockshow April 11, 2013
a guy who looks like an alien , and his head is shaped like a football (:

<3 you dillon .
looks at that guy he looks like an alien ,

well he must be a dillon !
by lovebug3214 June 29, 2011

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