The Irish way of spellin Dillon. It's also sweetish or something for Ocean.
Dillon is great at swimming, eh?
Yeah, his name actualy means "Ocean" in old speak.
by Sephei April 19, 2007
The shit. He is the motha fuckin man. hes gotta big dick...and the tons of swag...yeah ladies better get those dsl's out...because here comes one fine ass nigga. oh and hes the next lebron..wait naww...more like kobe...wait naww...more like the shit BITCH! and he killed 2 niggas for lookin at him dont fuck wit this nigga or he'll rip off yo dick and put up yo own asshole...yeah bitch dont fuck with him. ladies fuck him.
Dillons the shit.
by Leashawn January 25, 2010
A good friend who is good at vidio games
likes to make fun of people who exagerate their p's. Dislikes merry-go-rounds. Like's really stupid online games.
Hey dillon a merry go round.


shut up!
by Catfan30 August 20, 2008
amazing eyes, comforting, hot, sweet, loving, adorable, my boyfriend :) someone you can talk to about anything, plays guitar<33
dillon is amazing
by ersssssbitch December 30, 2009
The most amazing boyfriend in the whole world. He makes you feel loved even when you least deserve it. He is always there to protect and love you. He lives everyday to the fullest and never lets himself fail, he's always the best he can be. He is roughly six feet tall, has long hair, gorgeous eyes that will make you want to fall in love with him all over again everytime you look into them and a smile that is worth a millon words. When you look into his eyes, you feel a connection, a feeling you won't get with anyone else. The way he makes you feel when he wraps his arms around you is unexplainable. They say that Disneyland/Disneyworld is the happiest place on earth where all your dreams come true but they have obviously never been in his arms. He is amazingly good at playing guitar,piano and drums. When he sings to you, with that gorgeous voice, it makes your heart melt. All the sweet poems and songs he writes for and about you, make you think about how perfect Dillon really is, and make you realize if you lost him, you wouldn't know what to do with your life and you would be completely lost. He makes you forget about all the bad that was in your past, how happy you are in the present and all the great experiences you will have together in your future. I won't ever let him go, he is perfect inside and out. I could not ask for a better boyfriend. And Baby, You make me the happiest girl ever<3
No one can compare to Dillon
by Meow.RawR.SKKK November 06, 2011
A synonym for a Norwegian soldier destined for greatness. The soldier is the best in the squad and is an expert at everything, and, most importantly, hard to kill.
This soldier is a good Dillon, he'll become a fine merc one day.
by Junior7 February 16, 2010
A Dillon is someone who at times can be very emotional and at times may have treated a loved one unfairly, for many reasons. But a Dillon understands what is important in his life, what is worth following. His love is one thing he will pursue to the ends of the earth. While at first he may have ignored his love and not treated her as she so deserves but a Dillon sees that he isn't perfect and wants to change, to become a better man. A Dillon works on his problems, fixing them so that once again things may be set right. A Dillon also loves someone greatly, she knows who she is. A Dillon hopes for a second chance, that you want to give him a second chance because you still love him, because you want to spend your life with him. So that you can see the changes he speaks of are not just words, that they hold meaning and are dear to his heart. A Dillon loves you unconditionally, he believes in you and wishes you would accept the fact that you are so beautiful and will support you in whatever you do because he is your best friend and your happiness is important to him.
Oh, him? What a Dillon

Hey, do you know Dillon?

I love the way you act like such a Dillon.

Love is something a Dillon does best.

You act like such a Dillon.

Dear SEG, you know a Dillon don't you?
by I have realized so much December 01, 2011

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