A womanizing man slut that thinks he can play multiple girls at once. Hes amazing and makes you feel special. Wont apologize and will just ignore you. Wont say sorry for the lies or deceit and you'll miss him even if you DEFINITELY shouldnt.
"Did Dillon ever apologize for being with someone else?"
"No and it hurts so much but I miss him. DAMN THAT DILLON! "
#boys #dillon #names #dylan #liar #love #hurt #mean #pain #heartbreak
by BatGirl69 March 26, 2014
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Top Definition
Synonym to the word 'Perfect'
"You are so Dillon"

"This shirt fits Dillon!"
#dillon #dielawn #perfect #dillion #dillun
by Hannah Bushon May 04, 2008
Dillon M.

Most amazing boy you will ever meet. He can put a smile on your face with one glance. He is kind, caring, and always concerned about you. He's one of a kind. He's not like every other person these days, who just waltzes around not caring for anyone else, simply living their life just because. He lives each day to the fullest. He strives to the best he can, and the amount of love he can hold is unbelievable. He is wonderful to be around, he's always making people laugh, by the simplest of things. He makes every moment feel like a memory worth keeping. When he laughs, it makes you want to stay right where you are and share the moment with him. He is the best boyfriend a girl could ever want, romantic, sweet, caring, humorous, silly, and he when you looks into your eyes and smiles at you, you feel like if you're with him, everything will be okay. The world could be falling down around you, and when you're in his arms, you feel like there are no worries. You feel like just living in the present.
He's one of those people who you NEVER want to leave. He's one of those people that I am going to hold onto forever. Because he's made me the happiest girl ever. : )
"There is nobody like Dillon."
#dillon #amazing #romantic #humorous #silly
by LyssaMarie December 29, 2009
Synonym to the word 'Perfect'
"The weather today is so Dillon."

"That outfit is Dillon on you."

"I love you, Dillon"
#dillion #dielawn #dillun #perfection #perfect
by Hannah Bushon May 05, 2008

one of a kind.
someone you'll never forget
in a lifetime<3
#dork #boyfriend #duckiee #world #dillon
by Miss Dimples April 06, 2009
A person is is really sexy with a big dick who gets a lot of poon. also...pwns at call of duty 4 and really good at drifting games.
Hey, Are you Dillon?
#sexy #poon #big dick #nerdy #imp
by NWnissan December 28, 2008
is a person that is pretty much amazing in everything, sex, video games, and eating.
Dude! You eat like a Dillon!
#dillon #sex #video games #eating #amazing
by blizzarddddasd July 17, 2009
Dillon is the coolest person in the world and domonates at guitar hero
your dillon
#awesome #cool #smart #nice #radical
by Dillon S-J July 10, 2008
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