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A person who has lost their license due to a DUI and has to ask their brothers for rides to, and from, work.
Fred — My brother needs a ride to work in the morning, and picked up in the afternoon. He lost his license because of a DUI...

Ed — What a Dillard!!
by notched April 04, 2011
A penis with superior sexual prowess.
You havent had my Dillard yet.

You can't handle the dillard.
by The Dillard November 21, 2008
a person that has or gives great sex
yes go dillard
by ♦♠ July 25, 2008
a racist, heartless company who will screw over good people in any way they can for measly buck.
"Man, our boss really doesn't care about us"
Yeah, this place is a real dillards!"
by niftygal July 13, 2009
the act of being gay, or retarded
yo why did you just say that, ur mad dillard!

Tyrome-YO CALVIN,lets cut class n play some handball!
Calvin- Na man i have to go to class and get an education, and have a great future.
Tyrome- wow calvin, ur a fuckin dillard
by Dillard Johnson the Third April 28, 2007
you insult someone with this swear word.it means that you are a bitch and a bastard,fuckshit.dipshit,gay and a stoner/boner.
by InDeRpArTaP April 21, 2009
To pick one's nose and to show the contents.
Ville, look! Dillard.
by Nova October 11, 2004