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Used in place of the word deal.
"What the dill?"

"What the dilly, yo?"
by Jesse Jericho March 20, 2004
a loser
Who woulda thought the dill from McGill would end up president?
by LordWatson July 12, 2003
The most lovely, funny, intelligent woman on the face of the planet.
"Oh look, it's Dill!"
by Dill's biggest fan September 05, 2004
Like a dill pickle. A dick, cock, penis. ya get it yo?!?!?
Your are such a dillhole, Colin
by kat June 05, 2004
A slang term for male genetalia used by the surfing community of Souther California.
"Bro! This cold wake is makin' mah dill smaller than a baby carrot!"
by 1492 February 11, 2003
dope and chill mixed together to make the ultimate word dill
sup? brocha your shoes are are so dill!!
by alex rocha February 18, 2008
To overcome or conquer any unforseen fustrations.
You must dill with rolling your hills acrost the fild even if your skin is pilling, you have nills in your mill, and the court of apills has unfringed on your malalienable rights.
by Nill O'nill November 03, 2005