cool, awesome, chill, sweet, fabulous
Dude, that was dill!
by Megina June 21, 2004
Dope + Ill
Whoa bro that party was so dill last night.
by OrphanFoxes August 31, 2010
dang that girl wants to touch my dill
by dilly crystal February 26, 2009
when someone is being a retard and a higher authority tells them off..
*drives on the wrong side of the road and swerves the car*
*police sirens*
Cop: "whats wrong with you? you are being a dill."
by skankarette November 07, 2007
When combined with any noun, either as a prefix or as a phrase, automatically associates that noun with dildoes. Try any random noun, and you will be able to formulate your own "dilldefinition".
dillhole: a hole for a dildo or hole in a dildo
dillsack: a sack of dildoes, or a sack for a dildo
dillfuck: to fuck with or get fucked by a dildo
dillsmeg: dildo smegma
dillsmack: to strike or bludgeon with a dildo

Bush is an idiot dillsuck.
by Dr. Badwrench May 02, 2007
To get screwed over
I really got the Dill today.
You really Dilled me over today.
by JC May 16, 2004
DILL is a simple abbreviation for Dad I'd Like to Love.
It can be used to describe a hot father or simply any attractive older man. Similar to MILF it is a noun. The type of loving that one would like to do to this dad is up to the user's interpretation, but commonly involves sexual acts.
Girl 1: Woah look at him!
Girl 2: Nice. But he's got a kid.
Girl 1: Oh well. He is damn sexy.
Girl 2: Yeah, it's not a crime to admire a DILL like that from afar.
by Stargirl62 June 15, 2010

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