(n) One who possesses a characteristic or characteristics, such as flamboyant and/or ridiculous mannerisms, buck teeth (or other rabbit-like traits, e.g. large ears), and/or remarkable dress (e.g. short pants, embarrassing clothing, etc.) that causes him or her to look foolish, especially damn foolish, or otherwise stand out in a crowd, at least from the perspective of those employing the term.
"Wow that guy looks like a dill."
"What a dill!"
"Quit bein' a dill."
"You're a big dill."
"Did anyone ever tell you that you're a big dill?"

Alternate forms: dillcorn, dillhorn, dillweed, dilbert, double d dill

"Man there are a lot of dillhorns here tonight."
by funkwillyp May 09, 2012
noun. a person who has earned a lesser meaning in my life than a teeny tiny fly because of their douchey actions.

(Synonyms: a Patrick, a Luke)

verb. to be a dill, to act like those who are a dill.

could also express insult.
Ohemmgee...that guy is being SUCH a dill, Rebecca! Yuck!


"Omg Rebecca, he's being such a Luke!"
"Don't you mean a Dill?"
"Lolz omg you're so silly!"
by crazymaybewildyessss May 16, 2012
1. the male sex organ
2. sexual intercourse
1. I've been in a celibacy bet for too long. I need to get my dills wet.
2. Amanda's on the prowl tonight. Looks like she's getting the dills from that cougar bait
by akapseudopseudo April 05, 2011
A lovely guy im very proud to be with him no matter what. he has a ego that is very evil. Hes always there to listen to what people have to say. and if he has nothing to do he'll either read or make a gif. he also draws but he thinks he sucks at it. i myself think his drawings are quite superb. Hes very funny and very supportive. i'm very sure that you'll enjoy his company some times his first impression on people might be different from the 2nd impression but hes one fun guy trust me. :3
Me: Timmy is running away D:
Dill: Timmyyyyyyy get back here!
by The Demon Angel September 24, 2011
penis, unit, member
she pulled down my pants and everyone saw my dill.
by luco-the-guy April 30, 2011
Short version of "The Ill"

Meaning extraordinary,
Yo shorty got Dill ass!

That was Dill sandwich.
by Kasheed Wallace May 22, 2011
shortened version of dillsnick or dillznick
The girl at the video story totally wants to get on my dills
by Spit Blood April 15, 2003

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