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A secret seasoning commonly available at many of Charlotte NC's greatest cuisines. Obviously, it is not actually dill weed or dill seed; yet, an old dill weed/dill seed container is used to house the seasoning. The custom of using a generic spice container to house a secert seasoning recipe was first observed at a Jewish barbecue brisket shop in the early 60s. The owner would confuse patrons by placing the seasoning in a used random spice container as a matter of gimmick, confusion, and secrecy. You never really knew what you were getting, but it was always great.

This practice was adopted over the years and is now a family favorite custom in the Charlotte area. You can even witness dill weed competitions in the summer months in which cooks from around the surrounding counties will bring their tastiest concoctions housed in "dill weed" conainers and face off in a southern style spice showdown. Categories are in kosher and non kosher seasoned meat and fries.
by Mitch Grewat July 02, 2009
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