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When Pickle Bread is needed, this substance is skillfully created using the utmost carefulness. Dill Dough can start shaking and vibrating uncontrollably if the wrong measurements are used. This Dough is loved by many lonely women and can satisfy even the most hungry woman.
Woman 1: Im so hungry i need something to eat.

Woman 2: Well you can always come over to my place and have some of my dill dough.

Woman 1: wow thank you, i would love to share with you
by TNA69 September 02, 2009
A certain type of dough that mysteriously results to women orgasming. Please note this is not sour dough.
My mom was making dill dough and she fell on the floor in convulsions so I came on her face.
by brandon cluff March 29, 2006
Dilldough is used to make pickle bread.
Betty: "This is the best bread! It tastes like a dill pickle."

Wilma: "Thank you. It's Pickle Bread, made with Dilldough."

Betty: "I must have the recipe!"

Wilma: "It would make a great hamburger bun also."
by dickandahalf July 02, 2010
When you add dill seasoning to dough, thus making a cheesey joke about dildos.
Guy1: Haha look! *dumps dill seasoning into dough mix* ...I made a dill dough, get it, a dildo! hahahaha!

Guy2: Dude that was lame, imma call you beavis for that.
by Sarah Lambert March 06, 2008

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