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Money required to purchase sex toys.
I caught my girlfriend trying to put my dildough into her piggybank.
by gnostic1 June 25, 2010

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A female prosthetic phallus made from a meat based dough, most likely meatball mix, to cover a She wee (a funnel used by women to urinate standing up, commonly used at festivals)
Think I'm gonna make a dildough for Glasto, see you in a bit
by Gingle October 28, 2010
Noun (from Old/Mid. English): The primary ingredient in a most celebrated food of Ol' Glastonbury, Pickle Bread.
What dost thou on thyne mind have?! Yea verily, ye c'n no a'bacen thyne Pickle Bread withe nary an clove of Dildough! Ye 'ave nigh an clue.
by Jesus Tap Dancing Christ July 02, 2010