1. A spiked dildo.

2. A spiked,studded, or crenellated dildo, used in bondage type engagements in professional pornogrophy.

3. An extremely uncomfortable didlo or sex toy.
"Did you see that video with the dildoid scene? that was fucked up!"
by eee chow dung May 01, 2009
Top Definition
A person who posesses all of the characteristics of a dildo but none of the usefulness.
Colin Powell is sort of okay but Donald Rumsfeld is a real dildoid.
by SofaShark November 17, 2003
A new invention that is an Android phone that can be used for cell phone use, texting use and most importantly Dildo use. It's water and sperm proof so you can get your jollies in or out of water.
Guy #1 "Hey have you tried the Dildoid?" Guy#2 "Ya the reception is bad but the Dildo works fine!"
by DeadNode July 04, 2011

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