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The ancient art of cock-blocking yourself. This can be anything from what you say, to what you do around a female you are interested in. Basically, any self-sabotage that will take you from getting a girl, to getting nothing.

Generally done whilst out drinking in a bar/club, but occasionally it can extend to choices made whilst sober, like canceling a date to go out drinking with mates, or saying the wrong thing whilst out on a date.
While trying for a threesome: 'There's a way we can all win here' - Drunk Dilbert Special

While engaging in conversation whilst out drinking: 'I'm sorry, I wasn't listening, I was looking at your boobs' - Epically - Drunk Dilbert Special

While engaging in sober conversation on a date: 'Women can't play sports, I thought everyone knew that?' - Sober Dilbert special
by The Avengerer October 03, 2010