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It's what the Dutch say when someone does not care about that particular subject.
"Dikke" means "Fat", but it is used to simply amplify the words after a swear as well.
"Kanker" means "Cancer", which is quite the common swear in the Netherlands.
"Care" is English. When it comes to this, it is to express someone's not interested.
When shouted it shows it's true power.
Guy #1: Watch out, they're going to capture Bravo!
Guy #2: Dikke Kanker Care! Get over it already!

Gal #1: I'm pregnant! :D
Gal #2: Dikke Kanker Care, don't spread 'em! -.-

Mum: Dinner's ready!
Me: Dikke Kanker Care, I'm playing Modern Warfare 2. GTFO YOU HORRID WOMAN!
by BvdH pwnage March 10, 2010
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