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Diho: A word to describe a certain stereotype.

Pronounced: (di)-(o) The H in Diho is silent.

The Look: Dumb blond females (generally fake blonds) who dress in skanky clothing that are usually designer rip offs. Wear fake $300 glasses, a matching hand bag from winners, rip off ugg boots and mini jean skirts.

The Location: Mostly found at grade 12 parties looking for older males to fornicate with after drinking a mickey to themselves, even tho the average Diho is in the lower grades. Also found at a local Winners clothing store, trying to find cheep or look-a-like designer clothing to enhance their Diho appearance.

The Lifestyle: Diho's spend their free time shopping, drinking at parties for older people, or fornicating with men while being intoxicated.

***Description may change over time, depending on latest fad.***
Yo mang. I was at a party with Jay. I drank so much I landed a cheap ass Diho. Ma Bad..
by Stephen Tha Great January 02, 2009
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