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A term indicative of the tools used to implement and execute sexual attraction over the internet. May also refer to the sexual attraction of one to digits (fingers).
This relationship is tangled in a web of digitalia.

I apologise for my typing errors, I am suffering from a bout of digitalia at the moment.

I checked out his hands, it was digitalia at first sight.
by Horsey of Gormenghast April 07, 2005

The technologic knowledge organ; Commonly used to taunt others
"I'm on so much, my digitalia could crush cans"

"Dude, that guy uses google for pr0n, his digitalia must look like popcorn"
by [tE]+FLiP(Switch) October 18, 2008
A computer animated dick, balls, or pussy, pretty much anything thats sexual thats digitally animated, new word because of changing technology.
Dude- look at that pussy it's too awesome to be real!

other dude- thats because it is that my friend is some high quality digitalia.
by chimpity spank December 12, 2009
Referring to or describing what would be lesbian genitalia.
Girl1: OMG, look at that girls hands they are huge!
Girl2: Damn shes got some digitalia.
by Perilofsatan March 27, 2010
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