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The diet pop that doesn't taste strong like Diet Coke and cheap bargain brands
Diet Coke in bottles and cans tastes terrible. Drink Diet Pepsi.
by Jeremy July 23, 2004
A smoothe cola which tastes much better than coke. It comes in many flavors such as regualr, diet, and vanilla
Can you pass the Diet Pepsi?
by fatty490 March 08, 2005
Light, crisp, and refreshing soft drink.
"Diet Pepsi is God."
by Jessica August 07, 2004
What parents give to their kids because they think it's better. Diet sodas actually have a sugar that's technically embalming fluid, so think about that before you buy another diet cola. Also experts say if you must drink a pop, drink regular since diet is actually detrimental to your health.
Also Diet Pepsi is an abomination of the name pepsi considering it tastes so bad it mutilates taste buds.
"Hey Jim, did you grab some Diet Pepsi?"
"My hands..."

"What happened?"
"The Sun caused the can to explode and the diet pepsi eroded my hands before I jumped in a lake, causing all the fish to die."
"So I take that as a no?"
"Actually I have a can but this stuff makes my mouth bleed
"It's because you still have taste buds."
by OneWhoHatesBloodinHisMouth November 11, 2009
Possibly the worst diet pop ever created. A drink so disgusting even when it's the last thing in your fridge (only God knows how it got there) and you've been starving for a month you should just throw it out. Even though diet Coke really does taste bad, I would have it over this piss in a can any day. If you're going diet just get Mtn Dew.
Jim:Hey Tom what do you have to drink at your place?
Tom: I don't know lets go see
They walk to the fridge and open it and it is full of diet pepsi.
by Kane_1011 January 23, 2013
a drink that most fat people drink after a big meal and think it will help them lose weight and the drink tastes like crud yet many people like it and it was proven quite a while ago that if you drink to much it slowly dissolves brain cells though for some reason diet comes in more flavors than regular pepsi.
diet pepsi is for fat retards no offence
by phynomonouse January 28, 2009
A dark watery substance that tastes like poo, also inferior to diet coke.
Give me some diet coke rather than diet pepsi.
by The One May 13, 2004
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