woman built like a brick shithouse, tattoos, piercings, and bigger cajones then you could ever wish for
seen on the street transferring a bumper sticker to her car that reads... HONK IF YOU WANT ME TO RIP YOUR BALLS OFF
by BlackSheep March 14, 2003
A lesbian trucker who is often unattractive sporting a butch haircut, broad shoulders, chain drive wallet, tattoos, flannel shirt, blue jeans and a tire knocker, often missing one or more front teeth as a result of bar room brawling.
Mr. Public's wife used to be cute but she changed after she had a few kids. She chopped her hair, got tattoos and started hanging out with all her lesbian friends at the truck stop, she turned into a diesel dyke.
by Jolly Roger August 17, 2004
n. female version of jock except without the homophobia
That diesel dyke just kicked the fuck out of that guy's balls. Well I guess she had no use for 'em.
by jimmy ivory March 31, 2004
Any butch bitch who works in the automotive industry. Usually depicted with short hair and voice as deep as a whores snatch and a head as rough as a kicked in shit tin.
Customer: Sir I'd like my car serviced
Mechanic: Sure, i'll call julie
Customer: Julie????!!!!
Mechanic: Shes our residenty Diesel Dyke
Customer: Runs away crying
by stevemcqueen March 26, 2007
A lesbian who makes a considerable effort to look as unattractive to men as possible. Often wears dungarees. Very much at home under the bonnet with a spanner.
That diesel dyke fair frightens the hell out of me
by rexie September 15, 2003
A "female" who resembles prehistoric man in many respects. Large, ungainly, hairy, loud, dirty, unkempt, smelly, ignorant, aggressive, revolting, unevolved, clumsy, stupid and disgusting.
Hillary Clinton loved a good strap-on ass fucking from a diesel dyke like Janet Reno.
by hammerhead March 13, 2004
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