A small town in Belgium, where people come to be bored.

Most people own chickens and horses. They are also known to sleep with them.

A small town in Belgium known for it's university, and kind people.

Great beer is also provided in this part of the world.

Dude A; "I'm thirsty."

Dude B; "Let's go to Diepenbeek."

Dude A; "Yeah, but it's so boring!"

Dude B; "At least they have good beer,chickens, and a university full of hott chicks."

Dude A; "Point made."
by Belgian-Chick March 21, 2009
Top Definition
Lovely little village in the east of Belgium(east of England, North of France, South of the Netherlands) Home to "Stroese" (= strong liquor/jenever) and "Piepelke" (= Liquor too). Has some great pubs with more then 150 different sorts of Belgian beer per pub(Belgian beer is often voted as best of the world). Dutch is commonly spoken, but a dialect "Diepenbeeks" is spoken by the last generation. The people are nice and warm. The hospitality the same.
lemonade in the specific dialect from Diepenbeek is "limonoad". I'm going to make a cup of coffee becomes "Ich gon un zjat kaafeej moaken".
by Rex Fluffy Krully December 10, 2010
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