A pill-poppin, panty-droppin, knobb-slobbin, pube-headed ricksucker.Diehls are known to take two xanex, three vicodin, and a few muscle relaxers then pass out with their dog's red rocket in their mouth only to be found by their Motha hours later. Next time your walkin your dog pookie in the park, guard his rocket relentlessly, or a Diehl will strike again!!
Yea I met these kids Mike and AJ in school, they turned out to be a couple of Diehls and, well, lets just say my mom won't let them sleep over again until my dog dies.
by Maukstraussity February 12, 2008
Top Definition
...of German heritage, usually beer loving, joke telling, jolly people, they love wenches and lean to the kinkier side of life.
Don't we all wish we could be a "Diehl".
by BigDiehl February 03, 2009
one whom is gay with his brother. this bizarre form of brotherly love starts off when two brothers start fighting over videogames, then end up having a wild romp in the hot tub which involves KY, three pills of morphine, a rubber fist, the reach around, and a barry white's greatest hits record. diehls are usually three years apart, look very much alike and have blonde pubic hair on their heads. they like to toboggan in their free time. if you see a diehl, i recommend showing them a man-gina, so they can't be tempted by your junk.
mike and a.j. always sneak away to the other room. i bet they're a couple of DIEHL's.
by ZDubb February 12, 2008

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