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To thrust ones penis between a pair of breasts(Diddies)
Jane gave John a diddy ride.
by Minges and all! April 15, 2003
87 35
une diderto
ramming ur cock between a burds tits then shooting pondwater all over them
by jizzer August 09, 2003
31 28
When a man has sexual relations with a woman's breasts. Of course, the breasts have to be of suitable size to accommodate his cock.

Cf. titfuck

From diddy, a West of Scotland term to describe a woman's breast, and ride, to have intercourse with...
Bob ejaculated over Mildred's chest after she gave him a diddyride.
by xph0ria March 28, 2008
6 4

You belong in a pond.
one in Nitshill
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