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A picnic oriented date in which the male packs expensive and/or extravagant foods as an ellaborate scheme in hopes of having sexual encounters with the guest.
Man1: Hey I heard you're sexually active with that woman from the office.

Man2: Yeah broseph, took her on a dicnic! Girls can't resist the sparkling white wine and artisan breads.

Man1: Word.
by Maximum Schizophrenia April 23, 2009
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refers to sex outdoors; often used to denote meeting places for clandestine sexual encounters among male homosexuals, but can be used for any sexual activity outdoors when (at least one) dick is involved.
"What should we bring to the dicnic?"
by Kirsten Council January 14, 2007
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To felate a man who has a bread roll attatched to his penis - usually occuring outside i.e. at a picnic
He took me for a picnic and I gave him a dicnic - it was so much better than a usual sandwich
by AllesandroJesu May 05, 2008
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A picnic in which the picnic basket, as well as all food and drink containers are dick-shaped.
A bunch of my friends and I enjoyed dick-shaped sandwiches, popsicles, and Kool-aid drinks on our biweekly dicnic.
by broccolidog September 03, 2011
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