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A person who is beyond the word stupidity, he (it's usually used with males)would be a loner and would do anything to be your friend. Most of the time he is seriously pissing off and ends up getting his ass kicked. (he would hate being called dickweed... but smiles when you do). sometimes the name dickweed sticks to a certain person, until everyone starts calling them "dickweed".

N.B: DICKweed Has nothing to do with "dicks" or "weed" :)
"your such a fucking dickweed"
"hey dickweed, suck my dick"
by The Real Meanings June 15, 2007
1) A completely self-absorbed, useless asshole with shit for brains;

2) A person so irredeemably stupid that their idiotic behavior causes pain to everyone that they interact with.
My neighbor's such a fucking dickweed.
by Rusty616 October 11, 2006
A person who perpetually exercises poor social judgement.
If you don't stop acting like a dickweed, I'm going to have to kick your ass.
by George March 16, 2003
A worthless and obnoxious person. A "Dick Weed" is similar to a "Dick Head."
This was a common phrase in Southern Californian surf culture in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
I am so sick of that dick weed bossing me around.
by Ian De La Rosa June 17, 2013
Any person usually a male who insist in makein his presence known where ever he goes usually resulting in everyone think hes a complete douchebag.
Dickweed: wow im the best beer pong player ever

Group: wow this fuckin kids a god damn dick weed.
by jr3117 September 08, 2006
1.) An intensely stupid person.
2.) A rare breed of plant
Careful not to mix the dick weed with the pussy willows, or you'll get a whole lot of CUM-kwat!!
by PamieLynne May 17, 2005
A dick that won't get hard.....
or a dick that is as soft as sea weed (not real weed) (real weed rocks!!)
My dick is as soft a sea weed, it must be a dick weed!
by Adam Betz May 12, 2010
Like a dickwad, only thinner.
Look at that lanky streak of piss. What a dickweed.
by PearlFly March 14, 2013