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Whenever a girl does something retarded you can call her a dickswab. It's the counter to douchebag.

"Annette, stop being such a dickswab!"

"Why is Alexa a dickswab every time she drinks"?
by Corey CA November 22, 2010
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To "swab," or wipe, someone's stuff with your dick. Usually done to coffee mugs, toothbrushes, and other items that, when you tell the owner about the dickswabbing, will induce vomiting.
Note 1:Dickswabbing has a military connotation and possibly a military origin.
Note 2:Dickswabbing is in no way a name for fellatio.
"What a douche, just sipping on his coffee while we clean up his mess."
"We already got our revenge; I totally dickswabbed his coffee mug last night."
"And I kidnapped his dog."
by nokiddinghuh April 26, 2007
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someone that is used to swab..or clean..a in sucking on it to get all the shit off of it..
"yeah baby...lick that shit're such a good dick swab.."
by o0 kinky March 15, 2003
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An ugly Chick that slurps the cum off of your cock after the hott chick sucks you off.Only worthless whores or just gnasty bitches that can't get any are dick swabs.Hvae fun with your new phrase boys & girls!
"this Gross bitch is such a whore it makes me sick"
"Yeah,I know,The only thing that bitch is good for is for a dick swab!"
by JGG April 03, 2003
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A dickswab is an ingorant fuck hole who puts "xcore" after everything they say and think they're super scene.

Noun: A male pap smear.
"Chelsea Shaffley is a dickswab."

"Man, look at that scenely dickswab kid"

"That kid looks like he has a dickswab in his pants."
by Josh VanZant September 22, 2005
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when your about to cum, you ejactulate in ones ear then clean it out with your penis.
girl one: did he fuck you in th ear?

girl two: no just the usual dick swab.
by xxchristxx July 25, 2009
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