when a man (or woman) is distracted by hot guy- typically at a bar or club setting
"I'm sorry what were you saying, I was totally dickstracted by that hot guy in the cowboy hat, he could ride me anytime!"
by baLtiMORe tURkeY March 27, 2010
Top Definition
adj. Being distracted from any regular routine by a man's dick, either by accident or he might just be showing off.
1. As my hubby descended the stairs with a grande boner which he proudly stuck in my face as I ascended, I was incredibly dickstracted and almost fell down the stairs.

2. My first dickstraction was at a nude beach. I was 12, saw a boner and almost fell in a hole.
by pfc. Snowball December 26, 2008
(adj) to become distracted by an attractive man, especially one that commonly gives you sexual favours
I tried to stay angry at him, but he had me totally dick-stracted.
by Marc K July 12, 2005
Being distracted because your dick is running your mind.
"My girlfriend was talking last night; leaned over and her cleavage was showing...I got dickstracted and have no clue what she was going on about."
by BLaze July 27, 2012
When his dick game too strong, you can't focus for another half hour(time variable)
Zack dickstracted me every day last week.
by Tradicktion April 02, 2016
To lose focus due to the presence of or while viewing images of a hot man.
At dinner, my friends yelled at me for being dickstracted by the hot waiter wearing tight pants.
by Carlbud July 26, 2013
1) When a male is distracted by another person’s sexiness.

2) Anytime ones productive thought process is interrupted by thoughts of doing sexual things to another human being.
Two guys having an in depth conversation when a hot woman walks by:

“My bad bro, I got dickstracted by the fun bags on that hot mamma over there.”

Dad disapproves of his sons lustful thoughts at church:

“Son, we are here to praise the lord please try harder to not be dickstracted by all the girls on their knees.”
by C.M.Schwarty December 18, 2011
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