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A Dickstamp is just a common insult coined by Jonathan S. that is thrown into the group of insults such as Shitstain, Asswipe, etc... It is basically just a nonsense word that sounds offensive, and used alot while driving, and you are un-happy with surrounding drivers.
"That Dickstamp just cut me off!!!"
by WiL S. (BoNe) August 05, 2007
When you slap a girl so hard with your penis that it leaves a red shaped penis mark.
I dick Stamp girls mass.
by Adam Cubell Okun May 09, 2011
when a "higher up" in an organization has to change a memo or idea simply to mark his territory.
We just got revisions back from the client and they have a ton of changes. Every asshole over there has to put his dickstamp on every goddamn thing we do.
by BaM Creative March 03, 2011