When you make your Nan a cup of tea, and when you're about to give it to her, you take your penis out, and splash your dick in it, so it splashes all over her!
by Bloomerz August 30, 2011
Top Definition
Old 80s school insult recently ressurected
You f*****g dicksplash!
by Ze Lion October 06, 2003
n. the often unpopular splash or stain made by a male during clumsy urination on either ones own or someone elses trousers and/or footwear.
"Oh!......thanks for the dick splash mate."


"Hey".....nice dick splash."
by Dick Splash February 28, 2005
Localised slang for 'bellend' usually conferred on an individual whose character is accurately reflected in the word.
James you dicksplash
by Richard July 23, 2003
Idiot, moron
You just ruined my best porn mag, you dicksplash!
by Anonymous August 27, 2003
An individual with little to no societal worth..usually a jerk for no reason, characteristied as accidental birth as semen should have been discarded on a fabric, towel, or anything other than a vagina
Dude 1: " you meet Karl yet?".
Dude 2: "you mean the dick splash that hit on your mom at your dad's funeral?"
by CH256 September 12, 2014
An asshole that gets a friend or customer a drink, usually milk, and dips his penis in it and doesn't tell you. Very common with waiters if your an asshole customer.
"Give me a glass of milk now you pussy."

"Dude you better be more respectful, he's probably a dicksplash."
by Duck man davey November 25, 2013
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