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A common but dangerous condition in which dicksluts have gone two or more days without a cock forced into the throat leaving the infected with suicidal tendenencies and feelings of worthlessness as men will not turn down head at anytime for any reason.

Dickslutsia can be commonly found in manhaters, maneaters, prudish old bags with dried-up vages and any and all unattractive women and gay men who are experiencing the unfortunate luck of getting no Dick.
Hillary Clinton's life long battle with Dickslutsia (Dik~sluht~see~a) can directly be linked to her uncanny ability to be the ugliest womenbeast in America 24/7/365. Some say her Husbands famous oval office organ offerings to fat unattractive office staff pkayed a devastating part with her battle.
by UglyondaSkin, Luvlyfromwithin November 21, 2012
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