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Noun. Someone who is extremely arrogant or idiotic - So much so that they deserve to have the head of their penis slammed in a sliding glass door. Often used in reference to one's superiors or to someone who has done them wrong.
1. Bob is such an arrogant bastard. I can't believe that dickslam is my supervisor.

2. Jimmy is such a dickslam. He got me fired!
by JuhCoby April 17, 2008
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The slamming of a dick on one's face. They're face will be numb for about 3 minutes, Then you slap it across again for good luck.
Man! I dick slammed that bitch hard!
by Kingamv January 20, 2011
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Verb. The act of engaging in vigorous, and possibly violent coitus with a preselected partner. The sexual relations are always consentual and are performed by wizards of their craft, strictly picking up the classiest and hottest girls for participation in the 'dickslam'. The term was popularised in early 2009 by a cult, religious sect based in Brighton, England, known loosely as the 'dickslammaz'.
Shaniqua: Hey Latrice was gud yo?
Latrice: ye im gud b, daaaam why y'all walkin like u been fukd by a dog wi two dicks??
Shaniqua: It's those goddamn dickslammaz gyal. day be trippin yo. day ruind dis pussaaay.
Latrice: well u knew wat u was gettin yoself into bitch but damnnn yo pussy STAAAAAANK!!!
Shaniqua: thnx b...
by Rhynosaur April 09, 2010
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Basically slamming your dick in a girls vagina and not telling her that your going to do so.
by Travis Church May 22, 2008
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