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Any sort of decoration on a dick. Similar to the famous "Vagazzle", this would be the same on male parts.
When my girlfriend came over for the holidays, rather than bore her with decorating the house, and the tree, I had her dickorate me.
by St0nyW33d October 05, 2010
To decorate using phalluses or phallic patterns
My friend had passed out on the couch so i decided to dickorate his face
by Truci February 13, 2011
The act of placing dicks (also known as penis') virtually everywhere. The dicks can be real or faux, and can be anywhere, as long as they're everywhere.
-Tim drew a picture of a fat person.
-Brandon stole the picture and dickorated it.
by Still Not Goyle February 05, 2009
To decorate a person, place, or thing with various dick paraphernalia or drawings.
Chad's passed out, lets dickorate his face, bro!
by Joey, The Dickorator December 18, 2015
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