When a man is urinating and the urine bounces back onto his penis or pants.
When Jimmy was pissing on the rock, he experienced a mad dickochet when the urine bounced off of the rock and onto his trousers.
by UrbanScholar99 September 26, 2012
Top Definition
When the urethral opening of a man's penis sticks together causing his urine stream to spray in directions other than what was intended.
Dude, I just dickocheted the guy standing at the urinal next to mine. I got piss all over him.
by runmonkey3 October 23, 2011
A dickochet is a situation whereby a man intends to have sex with someone, only to end up having sex with someone else, most often a friend of the intended sex partner.
"I really wanted to fuck Lizzie but it turns out that she has a boyfriend so I fucked her friend instead. I gave her a fake phone number... what a dickochet!"
by Guitarkus January 30, 2008

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