When a man is urinating and the urine bounces back onto his penis or pants.
When Jimmy was pissing on the rock, he experienced a mad dickochet when the urine bounced off of the rock and onto his trousers.
by UrbanScholar99 September 26, 2012
Top Definition
When the urethral opening of a man's penis sticks together causing his urine stream to spray in directions other than what was intended.
Dude, I just dickocheted the guy standing at the urinal next to mine. I got piss all over him.
by runmonkey3 October 23, 2011
A dickochet is a situation whereby a man intends to have sex with someone, only to end up having sex with someone else, most often a friend of the intended sex partner.
"I really wanted to fuck Lizzie but it turns out that she has a boyfriend so I fucked her friend instead. I gave her a fake phone number... what a dickochet!"
by Guitarkus January 30, 2008
The technical term used to describe the failure of one man to Cock Block another.
Dude tried to Cock Block him, but it totally Dickocheted.
by RyzKinno September 08, 2015

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