The feeling that you get on your junk when you're running and your boy get a little excited and start rubbing against the mesh lining of your shorts.

It's origins date back to 2008 to a mythical sage in Providence, RI. Having been afflicted by dickle for many years, he created this word and bestowed its glory on the entire running community.

Derives from the English Dick, the male reproductive organ, and tickle, a sensation to the nerves.
I was out for a 20 miler. Around mile 7 my meat and potatoes started rubbing against my shorts and I got a hard dickle.
by Brother Keithy March 04, 2011
Top Definition
When your dick is in a pickle (situation).
Tommy was balls deep in Jane when her boyfriend came home. He was definately in a dickle.
by Richard Cranium! December 11, 2012
To tickle someone's body with your penis.
The girl began to laugh as she was being dickled.

All I want for Christmas is a Dickle-Me Elmo.
by DickleMeElmo December 10, 2013
(Pronounced like "pickles") A human biological mutation that causes dicks to grow in place of nipples on the chest.
"You can see that guy's dickles through his tight shirt."

"...then she took off her shirt. I was expecting to see a couple of things erect, but I was surprised to see dickles!"

"Are those pens in your shirt pockets, or are you happy to see me?"
by ChimpCadet January 16, 2008
Playful tickling that usually ends up with your dick getting tickled, and or sex.
Gave Jane a good ol' dickle last night. Got me laid perfectly.
by frobrowilldo July 12, 2014
Dickle means to tickle a dick. Simple as.
Gf: 'I'm gonna dickle you if dont shut up'

Bf: (doesn't shut up)
by Gayfordbuttram101 March 23, 2014
to tickle someone with the intent of using your dick during/later on. Tickling that leads to the use of one's penis
Yeah, man. We were play wrestling and I dickled her and made my way to her mouth.
by dickle monster January 30, 2014
a word so superior that none of the definitions yet made by man have been on a high enough caliber to obtain it. However, when that definition finally comes around the whole world will rejoice with excitement.
"Ah man, look at jeff, he's got the dickles." "What are the dickles?" "Who knows, but i bet he's got em'."
by aarskee February 07, 2008

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