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A type of fictional humanoid creature who has both male and female genitalia and a feminine appearance. Seen mostly in pornographic Japanese comic books.

See also: DG
DP likes to jerk off to dickgirls.

I can't believe you'd want to fuck a dickgirl!
by Hiryu no Ken July 31, 2003
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Dickgirls are summed up as hentai girls with penises. They can be from birth, magic, or even transexual. Dickgirls vary as the balls-out variety (e.g. normal male groin), no balls but penis, or penis and vagina. There are many different artists out on the internet, and there are even mangas and hentai games with dickgirls.
Dickgirl material includes anything from posing (no explicetly sexual activity), masturbation (1 person), sex with another person (male/female/dickgirl 1x1), orgies (such as fucking AND being fucked), and to any variant of hentai such as BBW, furry, tentacles, bondage, etc.

Another common term is futanari or simply futa. Dickgirl also refers to media of dickgirl(s).
A misconception about this might be that it is inherently gay, but it is not true since the majority of users are straight.
"You know that butch from that anime? I bet there's dickgirl of her."


"You know those two girls from that anime? I want to see that one fuck that one, but lesbian porn doesn't turn me on."

"I know just what you need. Dickgirls!"
by Meigus June 09, 2006
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A shemale, most commonly in anime/hentai.
Shitting dicknipples, that furry catgirl is a dickgirl!
by insignis August 10, 2007
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An unfortunate problem found in a large group of hentai freaks with too much time on their hands and lesbians on the brain. They have decided that the only possible way women can possibly enjoy the company of other women is if one woman has a large tubular muscle growing out of her happy fun fun spot.
"What the BEJEEZUS is that growing out of your Happy fun spot?!"
by Ryunnie July 31, 2003
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