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When a guy fucks another guy in his dick with his dick; dick on dick action.
Tom wanted to dickfuck Ted.
by Satan Demon August 12, 2003
110 78
someone who acts like such an A**hole, they need to be labeled two curse words at the same time
You cut me off, DICKFUCK!
by Brigitte Brock June 19, 2003
197 27
Short for dick head and fucker. It's something that you'd say to a penis wrinkle or an asshole.
My boss is a dick fuck.
by Bazerkdajerk September 07, 2006
98 43
A fucking idiot who won't shut the fuck up, yet hasn't the slightest clue that they are wrong, because they are so fucking concieted.
Thomas is a dickfuck and someone needs to set the facts straight to shut his fat ass up.
by GeurillaChris December 22, 2005
102 54
A stupid fucker; a fuck up.
Billy is being obnoxious; Eddy tells him,"shut up you dickfuck." Eddy uses the word "dickfuck" to insult Billy.
by Bitchlica April 03, 2005
59 21
inserting a finger or foreign object into the penis hole.
I saw this porno where this bitch fucked this guys dick with her toung and fingers giving him a dick fuck.
by A fuckin men to that June 10, 2006
66 49
person who understnds nothing that is said to them
eddie is such a dick fuck!
by bubbasaywhat August 01, 2008
32 21